Supreme Pull-Dozer

Supreme Pull-Dozer


The SUPREME PULL-DOZER is a very rugged and durable machine for stripping topsoil, road building, leveling building pads, and leveling fields for irrigation! They are also a very useful piece of equipment on the jobsite of large construction projects for leveling roadways and cut/fill areas where dirt pans have pounded it out!

We feel that this Pull-Dozer is one of the best on the market! Please feel free to call for a demo!


(Reimco`s quick attach system is compatible with most heavy duty scraper hookups! We also have a drawbar with our quick attach mount compatible with any power unit!)



Maximum blade lift is (18 inches) and maximum dig of (20 inches)

Maximum blade tilt is (12 degrees) right and (12 degrees) left

Maximum blade angle is (24 degrees) right and (24 degrees) left


Pull-Dozer dimensions


Model # Blade width Height Total length Approx. weight Max HP 
1610  16  8’ 4”  20’  20000 LBS  600 
1410  14  8’ 4” 20’  19000 LBS  600 
1210  12  7’ 6” 18’  16000 LBS  450 




  • side plates
  • skid plates
  • serrated blades
  • 12”x 14” leveling pads
  • electric over hydraulic joystick control
  • custom builds to suit your needs