Mini Pull-Dozer

Mini Pull-Dozer


The Mini Pull-Dozer is a lighter duty pull-dozer that is extremely maneuverable in smaller areas such as pens, alleyways, roads and yards! They are very handy for scraping snow and even leveling gravel pills on your yard! This machine is very popular in feedlots for scraping snow pack for faster drying pens in spring!

The Mini Pull-Dozer is one machine your farm or feedlot needs to keep your place clean and roads smooth! Please feel free to call for a demo today!



Maximum blade lift is (13 inches) and maximum dig of (16 inches)

Maximum blade tilt is (10 degrees) right and (10 degrees) left

Maximum blade angle is (25 degrees) right and (25 degrees) left




Model # Blade width Height Total length Approx. weight Max HP 
612  12  4’ 8”  14’  5150 LBS  250 
610  10  4’ 8” 14’  5000 LBS  250 
608  4’ 8” 14’  4850 LBS  250 




  • Clevis hitch
  • Skid plates
  • serrated blades
  • Side plates
  • Joystick control
  • Weights
  • Optional 2 remotes with
    electric valve